"From start to finish, Mavreen was an absolute star to work with. She was flexible, communicative and open to all of our ideas throughout the process. Mavreen was able to connect well with our staff and our youth, and captured them is such raw, honest form. We are absolutely thrilled with the end result and, our supporters have called this video "awesome", "impactful", "amazing" and " exciting". We're proud to share it with the world."
- Jaydeen Williams | Executive Director | Take a Hike Foundation

"Mavreen was professional in every aspect of the job whether it was photography, design, or liaising with our clients. Mavreen's creative side is not simply limited to the arts as she often brought strategic, out-of-the-box ideas to fruition. But beyond her career-oriented skill set is a genuine person with a passion for what she does and a caring attitude towards those she works with."
- Cord Reisdorf, Peak Fitness Management

"Having worked with Mavreen David in Canada and in Africa, I can attest to a creative spirit and professionalism. When working with Mavreen, we planned for results and got results. Her diverse responsibilities over the years have given Mavreen a very pragmatic, realistic approach to her work."
- Mike Bowman, World Vision Canada

"Mavreen simply rocks. She is intelligent, honest, very respectful of others as well as respectful of her own values and most of all, Mavreen is 100% reliable. She is amazing with people and instinctively knows how to make someone feel taken care of. One would be extremely fortunate to have Mavreen on their team and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again. "
- Isabelle Mercier, LeapZone Strategies Inc.